Do you need TOEFL iBT to enter a university or for your professional advancement? We help you obtain the highest possible score through intensive programs designed for your needs. Our TOEFL iBT program will teach you specific test strategies while improving your overall English language proficiency necessary for a high TOEFL iBT score.

Description Intensive group class for TOEFL iBT test-taking strategies and exam practice
Intensity 20 lessons per week of TOEFL iBT test preparation
Levels Low advanced to advanced
Student Visa Required

Key Points

  • Throughout the year, Monday thru Friday
  • Students may begin any Monday (or Tuesday if the Monday is a public holiday) and end any Friday.
  • Minimum 2 weeks.

What to expect from this course

  • All students will be given an English Placement test upon arrival.
  • If the student is not at the required level to begin their program, they will be placed in an English course at the appropriate level (low beginner to intermediate)
  • Consistent feedback from your instructors about practice exam performance, course assignments and skills-improvement
  • Online practice exams and TOEFL iBT content review

You will benefit from this course if

  • Your level is intermediate to low advanced
  • You require an internationally recognized English language qualification
  • You wish to enter a university in an English-speaking country
  • You wish to improve your general English knowledge

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