Students Talk about TALK Atlanta

TALK Atlanta is a school that is remarkable for the huge diversity of nationalities and cultures that the school attracts. This has become a source of pride: in their testimonials,  students talk [...]


December in Boston

December in Boston!  This city becomes a magical place at this time of the year, as Boston has a special way of celebrating the Christmas season. The Highlights of December in Boston TALK Boston [...]


It’s Party Season!

By the end of the year, after Labor Day as we see the winding down of summer, our schools in the USA, like the rest of the country, find themselves preparing for one big celebratory party after [...]


Halloween Atlanta-style

In Atlanta, as with many cities and towns of America, Halloween is one of the most anticipated events of the year.  Although Halloween falls on the last day of October, the entire month is filled [...]


You Are Welcome Here

In the middle of the 20th Century, the world started getting smaller, in the sense that international travel became cheaper, faster and easier. International student exchange and study abroad [...]


Awesome TALK Atlanta

Wasmi Sultan has been a student at TALK Atlanta for the past few months and like so many of our students, he has felt welcomed as if he were the newest member of one big, happy family! Says [...]


August in San Francisco

August in San Francisco.  Although this is officially mid-summer in the USA, August in San Francisco sees relatively mild temperatures.  It is peak season for tourists in July and August, but [...]