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A classic tradition of the U.S. college experience: the random roommate. You’ve seen movies about this experience: some good, some bad, some hilarious.

Roommates at their worst and best.Roommates at their worst and best.


You’ve probably never lived with someone outside of your family before and most likely never shared a room with someone you don’t know. There is definitely an adjustment period.


Well, not that much when there's a pool!Well, not that much when there’s a pool!


There are more websites than ever to help you get to know people at the school you will be going to and can generally select one of them to be your roommate, but this can limit your view of the world, according to this New York Times article.


Meeting of the minds.Meeting of the minds.


As an international student, a random roommate that isn’t from your same country can help you adapt to your new environment, help you make friends and open you mind just a little to the differences the world has to offer. (Check out this blog from just such an international student!)


Classic Californian DormClassic Californian Dorm


I believe that it is important to be around people not like you. It teaches to be empathetic and understanding, talk through issues and compromise, be respectful and courteous (CollegeBoard).




Take a chance! Go for a random roommate. You might make a friend for life!


Gretchen Hinderer is in charge of helping you all apply to college and university after you have finished your course with TALK and achieved the university’s English proficiency. She also applies your younger siblings to private high schools around the US! You can contact her at [email protected].

Raised in Zimbabwe, and a resident of California. Mother, Writer, Researcher and Africaphile.
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