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Formulários & Downloads

Aqui estão disponíveis os  formulários e documentos que você precisa fazer o download (por favor, observe que todos os formulários estão no formato *Adobe Acrobat):

Também devemos lhe recomendar que estude e imprima o manual do IELTS:


Seu certificado de confirmação também vai conter os detalhes sobre o seu local de exame.

Credenciamento é de 8:00 a.m. – 8.45 a.m.
Por favor, assegure-se de ser pontual.
Nenhum candidato será cadastrado após às 8.45 a.m.
O teste começa às 9 a.m.

About the Test

IELTS – Sistema Internacional de Testagem do Idioma Inglês

IELTS é a sigla em inglês de Sistema Internacional de Testagem do Idioma Inglês, que testa a proficiência em inglês no mundo inteiro. Ao realizar 1,4 milhões de testes mundialmente, o IELTS é o sistema de testagem de inglês mais popular do mundo.

Os exames do IELTS são realizados em mais de 500 centros com testes mais de quatro vezes por mês. O IELTS respeita a diversidade internacional e é justo para todos os que queiram fazer o teste, sem importar a sua nacionalidade.

Você pode escolher entre dois tipos de exames IELTS: Capacitação Acadêmica ou Geral, dependendo de se quer estudar, trabalhar ou imigrar.

Ambos os módulos são compostos de quatro  partes – Compreensão Oral, Leitura,  Escritura e Conversação.

Os resultados do IELTS são clasificados em uma escala  de 9 faixas exclusiva da IELTS.

Você pode confiar na qualidade e segurança do IELTS porque é administrado por três organizações internacionais de renome: British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia e a University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL).

Mais de 6000 organizações, incluindo muitos departamentos governamentais e universidades, confiam no IELTS. O sistema de qualificação do IELTS é reconhecido no mundo inteiro, proporcionando-lhe um resultados realmente internacional.

IELTS Format & Test Results

IELTS Format

Candidates are tested in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

4 sections, 40 items
30 minutes
General Training Reading
3 sections, 40 items
60 minutes
OR Academic Reading
3 sections, 40 items
60 minutes
General Training Writing
2 tasks 150 and 250 words
60 minutes
OR Academic Writing
2 tasks 150 and 250 words
60 minutes
11-14 minutes
Total Test Time is 2 hours and 45 minutes

Candidates must be prepared to spend the entire day at the test center, because there is a speaking interview in the afternoon. Appointments are arranged in order of test registration date, so the later a person signs up for a testing date, the later the speaking appointment will be scheduled.

Test Results

  • There is no pass or fail mark.
  • Candidates receive scores on a band scale from 1 to 9.
  • Candidates receive a score for each module of the test as well as an Overall score.
  • Overall Band Scores, Listening, and Reading Band Scores are Reported in half bands
  • Writing and Speaking Band Scores are reported in whole Bands.
  • Results are valid for two years.

Results are released on the 13th day following each test date. Test results are not released over the phone or via email attachments.

To preview your IELTS test result, complete all fields at https://results.ieltsessentials.com.
The preview of your IELTS result is usually available online 13 days after your test date, and will remain available for 28 days thereafter. Your official Test Report Form will be mailed to you 13 days after the test. Please note the preview of your IELTS result cannot be used as official confirmation of your test result.

Disclaimer: The online preview of your test result may not be used as an official score report. IELTS International, the test center and the IELTS Partners give no guarantee as to the accuracy of the preview result, and will not accept any responsibility for an inaccurate score. IELTS International, the test center and the IELTS Partners will not accept any responsibility in the event that your result fails to display, whether due to technical fault or administrative procedures.

Interpretation Of Results & Test Report Form (TRF)

Interpretation of Results

The nine bands and their descriptive statements are as follows:

9 Expert User – Has fully operational command of the language: appropriate, accurate and fluent with complete understanding.

8 Very Good User – Has fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriacies. Misunderstanding may occur in unfamiliar situations. Handles complex detailed argumentation well.

7 Good User – Has operational command of the language, though with occasional inaccuracies inappropriacies and misunderstandings in some situations. Generally handles complex language well and understands detailed reasoning.

6 Competent User – Has generally effective command of the language despite some inaccuracies, inappropriacies and misunderstandings. Can use and understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations.

5 Modest User – Has partial command of the language, coping with overall meaning in most situations, though is likely to make many mistakes. Should be able to handle basic communication in own field.

4 Limited User – Basic competence is limited to familiar situations. It has frequent problems in understanding and expression. It is not able to use complex language.

3 Extremely Limited User – Conveys and understands only general meaning in very familiar situations. Frequent breakdowns in communication occur.

2 Intermittent User – No real communication is possible except for the most basic information using isolated words or short formulae in familiar situations and to meet immediate needs. Has great difficulty understanding spoken and written English.

1 Non User – Essentially has no ability to use the language beyond possibly a few isolated words.

0 Did not attempt the test – No assessable information provided.

Test Report Form (TRF)

IELTS provides a profile of English language ability in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

A Band Score for each of the four modules as well as an overall score is recorded on the Test Report Form. This allows receiving institutions to clearly identify the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. These Band Scores are recorded on the Test Report Form along with details of the candidate’s nationality, first language and date of birth. The Test Report Form indicates whether it is for an Academic or General Training candidate.

Marking at the test centre ensures that test results are available without any administrative delay. A valid Test Report Form bears a centre stamp, a validation stamp and the IELTS administrator’s signature. Test Report Forms should be sent directly from the test centre to the receiving institution or organization.

Photocopies should not be accepted.

How to Apply

To apply Register online at www.ielts.org to see immediately which date is still available!
After that you have 5 days to send us:- payment of $215- a copy of your valid passport.If you chose to send a paper application the seat for the date your chose is not guaranteed and we will contact you to let you know about the earliest available date.Incomplete applications will not be confirmed and you will lose your space! If the date is not available online it means it is currently fully booked and there is no space. Since candidates who don’t submit their documents within the 5 days will be cancelled, please check back online in a few days as space might open up again. However, there is no guarantee and if you want to make sure you have a space you need to register for an available date.
Test fee $215.00 U.S. dollars Payable by credit card authorization form (download form here) or certified check or money order made out to TALK INTERNATIONAL.
Please note that we do not accept postal money orders and personal checks!If you submit the wrong form of payment the application will not be confirmed and your might lose your space!
Test Dates You can find all Test dates here.
Locations TALK International – Davie/Fort Lauderdale (Davie)
3501 S. University Drive, Davie, FL 33328TALK International, Miami Downtown
1390 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33131
1000 5th St #101, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Please make sure you know the location you are registering for and you come to the correct one!

Email the Complete Package to [email protected]

or mail it to:TALK International – IELTS TEST CENTER, 3501 S. University Drive, Suite 3. Davie, FL 33328

Confirmation: Once we receive the complete package we will send an email confirmation within 24 hours.

We hope that you can find all the answers to your questions on our website.
If we can be of further assistance during your application process please feel free to contact our Test Center at 954 533 4546 or per email at [email protected]

Official IELTS Preparation Materials, Handbook and CD

Official IELTS Practice Materials & Official IELTS Practice Materials 2

Written by Cambridge ESOL examiners and material writers with many years of experience preparing IELTS tests, the Official IELTS Practice Materials use tested materials approved by the IELTS partners.

There are now two volumes of Official IELTS Practice Materials. Each Volume contains completely different practice materials. They will help you familiarize yourself with each of the tests. You can learn about how each of the tests is assessed and pick up some valuable tips.
The book contains:

  • practice tests for Listening, Speaking, Academic Reading and Writing, General Reading and Writing
  • Listening, Reading and Writing answer sheets
  • Listening and Reading practice test answer keys and Listening tapescripts
  • Sample candidate Writing responses and examiner comments
  • Sample candidate Speaking tests and examiner comments


The CD (Volume 1) or DVD (Volume 2) contains:

  • Listening test for you to practice
  • Three examples of students taking the Speaking test


The main difference between the DVD and CD is that there is film footage of the students taking the Speaking test on the DVD.

$30 plus $ 5 shipping fee in the USA.

Top Tips for IELTS Academic & Top Tips for IELTS General

Top Tips for IELTS provides you with:

  • essential advice (‘tips’) for all four skill areas of the test
  • Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
  • clear examples and explanations
  • general tips for each skill to help with revision
  • sections on how to revise
  • what to do on the day of the test.


The Top Tips for IELTS series is written by the experts who set the IELTS test. It’s a ‘must-have’ guide for your revision. Both Top Tips for IELTS Academic and Top Tips for IELTS General Traininginclude a book and an interactive CD-ROM.

The book contains:

  • clear examples and explanations to show you exactly what each tip means
  • general tips for each test to help you as you revise
  • sections on how to revise, and what to do on the day of the test.


The interactive CD-ROM offers:

  • a complete real IELTS practice test for you to try
  • answer keys for Listening and Reading tests
  • sample answers for the Writing test to compare with your own answers
  • a Listening test so that you know what to expect when you take the exam
  • video of a candidate taking the Speaking test, so you have a clear idea of what you have to do when you take the test.

$30 plus $5 fee in the USA.

To order materials please download and complete the Material order form. Please, fax it to us at (954) 990-8746 or e-mail it back to [email protected]

IELTS Preparation Courses

TALK International offers a variety or preparation options depending on the budget and the time you have.
Whether you study with the official IELTS materials or book one of our courses – preparation is necessary if you want to get your Highest possible score!

Our teachers are very familiar with the test format and can get you ready for the exam with practice tests and clear examples and tips.

Teacher Guided Structured Study

This program includes five days but has no set start dates and you can begin anytime. You will be given a placement test and based on the level receive your study and practice materials.

Classes are from Monday to Thursday: 9:00 a.m. -10:30 a.m., 10:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Classes on Friday are from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. and from 10:45 a.m. – 12 noon.

You get your assignment and then work on your own in one of our classes. Most participants in this classroom prepare for a test and work individually on something specific. A teacher is present and helps students when they have a question and need guidance and you will also get feedback on your work.

$ 290.00 including materials

One Week IELTS Preparation Course

This course is held during the week prior to the Saturday test date.

The hours are from Monday to Thursday from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. and on Friday from 12:30 p.m.–3:30 p.m.

It includes an Overview, Introduction to the test, detailed practice and exercises for writing, reading, listening and speaking, clear examples and explanations as well as strategies for improving performance, valuable test taking tips.

The course has a total of 20 units at 45 minutes each and also includes the Friday Workshop.

$ 350.00 including materials

One Day Workshop

It gives an Overview of the Test, helpful testing strategies and you will do a couple of short practice exercises.

$ 55 – per unit if you book 1 to 24 units
$ 53 – per unit if you book 25 to 49 units
$ 50 – per unit if you book 50 and more units

Each Unit is 45 Minutes.
IELTS Material, Handbook and CD

Tarifas dos Exames do IELTS

A Tarifa do Exame IELTS é de US$ 210,00

A Tarifa do Exame IELTS em Santo Domingo é de US$ 410,00

ADMIN Fee – $60

Tarifa de DHL – US$ 40,00 (opcional para os EUA, mas obrigatório para os Certificados enviados pelo correio ao exterior).

A tarifa do teste é pagável através de formulário de autorização de cartão de crédito (faça o download do formulário aquiou cheque certificado ou ordem de pagamento feita para a TALK INTERNATIONAL.

Por favor, observe que não aceitamos ordens de pagamento postais nem cheques pessoais!

Os pagamentos que não forem feitos à TALK International SERÃO DESEVOLVIDOS AO REMITENTE e a data do exame será confirmada após o recebimento do formulário de inscrição preenchido e o resto dos requerimento para o cadastro.

Tarifa dos Materiais de Preparação para o IELTS (Fazer todos os pagamentos para a: “TALK International“)
Materiais de Preparação oficiais  do IELTS opcionais – US$ 35,00 (inclui envio)

Cancelamento ou Adiamento

Os candidatos que cancelarem ou adiarem sua data de exame dentro das 5 semanas antes do teste serão considerados como um cancelamente e perderão a taxa de exame que pagaram. Os candidatos deverão pagar a tarifa completa novamente ao se inscreverem para uma data diferente.

Se um candidato informar à TALK International por escrito sobre a intenção de adiar ou cancelar pelo menos cinco semanas antes da data de exame programada, será emitido um reembolso completo, menos uma taxa administrativa de US$ 50,00. Lamentamos não poder fazer exceções à política de reembolso para os candidatos que se inscrevem mais tarde.

Os reembosos serão pagos através de cheque e geralmente leva de três a quatro semanas a partir da data de seu pedido ser procesado e enviado por correio.