École d’anglais à Miami

Apprendre l’anglais à Miami (Floride)

École d’anglais à Miami

Pourquoi apprendre l’anglais à Miami?

Le quartier de Brickell, dans le centre de Miami, avec ses gratte-ciel imposants, ses hôtels et ses tours résidentielles, est l’épicentre des activités bancaires internationales entre les USA et l’Amérique latine. Ses boutiques, cafés et restaurants branchés sont fréquentés par les membres de la jetset internationale, les stars de cinéma et des hommes d’affaires qui viennent là se détendre.

Renseignements concernant l’école

L’école TALK Miami a ouvert en 2009, dans le magnifique immeuble PNB, sur Brickell Avenue : nous sommes au cœur de l’action !

Cette école est moderne et bien conçue, avec 9 grandes salles de classe très lumineuses, des meubles modernes, un accès wi-fi gratuit et un café en plein air pour se détendre dans un environnement international chic. Il y a un parking payant et l’école est également accessible par les transports en commun et le « Miami People Mover », un train automatique.

  • École moderne et bien conçue
  • 9 salles de classe
  • Un grand espace de réception accueillant et convivial
  • Aire de restauration extérieure
  • Des professeurs à plein temps et un personnel dévoués
  • Grand parking (payant)
  • Accessible par transport public (bus et train)
  • Accès wi-fi gratuit

Visite virtuelle

TALK Miami

1390 Brickell Ave,
Miami, FL 33131
+1(305) 375-0126
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South Florida Promo

    *Terms and Conditions:

    • Available for 16,24,32 and 40 weeks. Buy 40 and get 8 weeks free for 48 weeks enrollments. The weeks are not transferable to someone else and need to be used as a concurrent enrollment of 48 weeks.
    • Promotion ends March 31st, 2018
    • Must start classes by July 30th, 2018
    • Cannot be combined with any other offer
    • General English only (16 or 18 lessons)

    • Available for morning, afternoon and evening classes (where applicable)
    • Discount prices applied on tuition only
    • COS Students are eligible, but must start no later September 24th, 2018
    • Students must pay $150 application fee
    • Only valid at TALK Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Miami Beach

    Ce que nos étudiants disent de nous

    • Talk International is a great place to study.  It is an amazing school located in Brickell, surrounded by beautiful constructions and views, nice restaurants and good transportation (Metrorail, metro mover and trolley).  There are other schools around the area but the difference is that Talk offers an excellent school environment; the relationship between teachers and students is fantastic.  Our teachers really help us and most important, we improve.  Prices are accessible and we get high quality education, it is not easy to find both at the same time.  Our school also offers other language programs like Spanish, Italian, German, French and Portuguese.  My personal experience in this school has been wonderful, I’ve met beautiful people; today, I have friends from different countries and cultures. Come to Talk, have your own experience, you won’t regret it!

      Vanessa Dos Santos
      Vanessa Dos Santos In Miami, from Venezuela
    • I have studied English at Talk International Miami Language Center for 7 months.  When I started to learn, I could only count and I could understand very little.  I knew a few words.  Every day, I go to school with pleasure because at TALK, there are very intelligent and interesting teachers.  I always improve my language in a comfortable room with good technology.  Teachers use different teaching strategies with us; each lesson is different, and I am never bored.  Now, I can TALK with my friends, understand people from different linguistic backgrounds and write correctly.

      Dmitry Varavin
      Dmitry Varavin In Miami, from Russia
    • Thanks to this experience my professional and personal horizons have grown. I've learned a lot of new things, learned new customs, met a lot of new people, and most importantly improved my English.

      Jose Osorio
      Jose Osorio In Miami, from Colombia
    • Coming to Talk International Miami Center has been an amazing experience for me.  The school is in the middle of the fast growing financial district of Miami, Brickell.  It’s easy reachable by the metro mover and by car.  The classrooms are spacious and have beautiful views of the Brickell skyline.  Each class is equipped with the most modern teaching tools.  The teachers are always well prepared and they make each day class exciting and challenging.  The best thing about TALK is that you are in class with people of all ages and people from many different countries.  It is a true melting pot and it teaches me about the world. I would highly recommend Talk International as it is a fantastic experience.

      Emmanuel Verschueren
      Emmanuel Verschueren In Miami, fromBelgium
    • I learn a lot on talk, teacher is amazing and friendly, staffs is friendly and respectful

      Matheus Jo In Miami, from United States

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