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More students transfer to TALK English Schools than any other English school in the US!

Many students wishing to transfer to TALK English Schools from Inlingua (and other schools) have questions regarding their visas and the procedures to transfer.  We are not Attorneys (and we recommend you use one) but we can help!

Here are answers with some basic information to questions many students have asked:

Active F1 Transfers:

Current enrolled students or enrolled students on vacation in the U.S. must transfer within 15 days from November 2, TALK can help you! It is quick and you can keep the same SEVIS number.

Active F1 students on vacation from Inlingua (outside of the U.S.):

Students should enroll with TALK and have the I-20 record transferred within 15 days from November 2. TALK will then send the transfer pending I-20 to the student’s home country. If students aren’t able to transfer within that time, students can enroll with TALK and a new I-20 will be provided with a letter of support included for immigration and customs so they can use the new I-20 with the current visa.

Change of Status to F1:

Current students who have submitted a change of status through Inlingua to USCIS can enroll with TALK and receive new a change of status I-20 and school documents to submit in an updated USCIS application. Also included will be a letter of support.

Initial I-20 in country (F1 visa approved):

TALK can help students get a new Initial Attendance I-20 so they can enter the U.S. with the TALK I-20 and the visa that was already issued in the passport. A letter of support for immigration and customs will also be provided.

Initial F1 pending (visa meeting not yet had or F1 visa not yet issued):

Students should enroll with TALK and receive new documents, no longer using the Inlingua documents and should set up the visa appointment and prepare to show the TALK documents and I-20.

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