Göçmen olmayan Vize nedir?

Yabancılar, göçmen olmayan vize ile ABD’ye  geçici bir süre için gelebilirler. ABD’ye geliş sebebiniz ne tür bir vize alacağınızı belirler. Şayet ABD’ye  tam zamanlı bir eğitim için geliyorsanız,  o zaman F-1 öğrenci vizesi almanız gerekir. Daha fazla bilgi için lütfen ABD Dış İşleri Bakanlığı  (US Department of State) web sitesini ziyaret ediniz.

Obtaining an F-1 (student) visa

What is an F-1 visa? An F-1 visa is an immigration document that permits a foreign citizen to come to the USA to study full-time for a temporary period of time.

How long does it take to get a visa?
The time to receive a visa varies by country. We suggest that you make your appointment with the Embassy as soon you receive your Form I-20 in order to get the process started.

How do I get an F-1 visa?
You must first apply to TALK International. Once you are accepted, we will issue an I-20 to you. Upon receipt of Form I-20, you will need to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee online at fmjfee.com. After you pay this fee, you will then need to visit the American Embassy in your home country to obtain an F-1 visa.

Obtaining an I-20

What is an I-20?
TALK International will issue an I-20 document to students who will attend classes full-time. The I-20 will enable you to apply for a student visa at your local embassy.

Can I change my start date after receiving my I-20?
You may change your start date before entering the U.S. in extreme circumstances. Please contact TALK International as soon as you can to let us know about the change. At that time, TALK International will mail you a revised I-20 with your new study dates. Once in the USA, you are unable to postpone your start date.

How will I receive my I-20?
Once we receive the proper documentation and payment required, an I-20 will be issued within five business days. It will be sent to your home country using an International Express Delivery company. When you receive the form, you should pay a $200 SEVIS fee via the internet. Then, you are ready to go to the American embassy in your country to have your student visa approved.
Can my I-20 be extended if

I need more time to study?
You can inquire about extending your I-20. You will be required to meet specific criteria to extend your studies at TALK.

For how long will my I-20 be valid?
The length of time will be determined by the course you will be taking.

Why is an I-20 important?
The I-20 signifies that you have been admitted to a U.S. school that is approved by the U.S. government. F-1 students must maintain a valid I-20 by studying full-time at TALK. If at any time the student does not maintain full-time status, he/she will have to return to their country.

What is TALK International’s application deadline?
TALK International will process your application and issue your I-20 within five business days. Once you receive your I-20, it may take two to three months for you to receive your F-1 visa.

What documents do I need in order to obtain an I-20?
The following must be submitted in order to process a student visa request (Form I-20):

  • Completed TALK International Application Form.
  • Copy of student’s passport biographic page. If there are any dependents, include their passport copies as well.
  • Copy of student’s current US visa (if any).
  • Evidence of sufficient financial funds: Bank letter or copy of the last three months bank statements reflecting a minimum of $300 USD per week in average balance. If there are any dependents, $100 USD per person / per week must be added.
  • If financial support documents belong to a sponsor, a sponsor letter is required.
  • 50% of tuition paid up front, $150.00 non-refundable application fee, plus $75 shipping charges if I-20 needs to be mailed to home country.

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