Visa Information

F-1 Visa (student visa)

The reason you are coming to the U.S. determines what kind of visa you will receive. You must apply for the correct visa before you travel to the United States. To study full-time in the USA, you will need an F-1 student visa.

TALK Schools help students prepare the correct documents to apply for a visa.

Obtaining a F-1 visa

This visa allows a foreign citizen to study full-time in the USA for a temporary period.
  • Step #01: Apply to TALK Schools. We will issue you a form I-20. Use the form I-20 to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee online at
  • Step #02: Visit the US embassy or consulate in your home country to attend the interview for your F-1 visa.

Your visa is issued once the US Consular Section has previewed your application, the US Consular Official has interviewed you and it is determined that you qualify for an F-1 visa. Check the latest information at your US embassy or consulate at

This will vary by country. Make an appointment at your US embassy or consulate immediately after you receive your form I-20. To check appointment wait times, click here.

The US State Department is responsible for the visa application process and issuing the student visa. Your experience with the US State Department and Consular Services will go more smoothly if you can show that you fully intend to return to your home country upon concluding your study period in the USA. The NAFSA website offers excellent advice on how to approach your interview with the US Consulate Authority – click here to check.

Refer to our blog about this stage of the visa Application Process here.

Obtaining an I-20 form

The I-20 is proof of acceptance to your English language school in the USA. It lists your program start and end dates. With the I-20, you can apply for the F-1 student visa. Only full-time students receive an I-20. You must have a valid I-20, at all times, while studying in the USA.
The length of time is determined by the course in which you enroll.

TALK Schools will send the I-20 to your international address. A shipping fee is usually collected.

Yes, you may change your start date before entering the USA. It’s important to tell TALK Schools so we can update your I-20. After you enter the USA, you cannot postpone the start of classes.

Any time! At TALK Schools, every Monday is a start date. Your application and I-20 can be processed within 3-4 business days.

  1. Completed application form for the TALK School at which you intend to study.
  2. Copy of student’s passport biographic page. If you are traveling with dependents (spouse or children), include their passport copies.
  3. Copy of student’s current US visa and port of entry stamp (if any).
  4. Evidence of sufficient financial funds to study in the USA. For TALK Schools, a minimum of $300 USD per study week must be shown in a bank letter or statement dated within the last 3 months. If there are dependents, $100 USD per person / per week must be added. The letter or statement must clearly state the currency used and the name of the account owner. If financial support documents belong to someone other than the student, a sponsor letter is required.

Already in the USA?

If you are already in the USA with a different type of visa, check the chart below to determine if you can study.*
F-1Full-time study requiredNo
B-1/B-2 & Already in the U.SNoYes
J-1NoWith permission of A/RO
L-1With permission of employerWith permission of employer
H-1BWith permission of employerWith permission of employer
U.S Permanent ResidentYesYes
U.S CitizenYesYes
Visa Waiver ProgramNoYes

If you would like to study full time but your current visa does not permit it, you will need to change your visa status. Click here to contact TALK Schools and learn more here.


*Visa rules and regulations are subject to change without notice. Students should consult with an adviser for the most current information.

I am grateful for receiving the best learning experience. I love every day and every class. The teachers and classmates are the best.

Nataly Dubin

Talk Miami | Nationality: Argentina

I’m glad to be part of the TALK family. I had a lot of fun andexperience. Especially in the conversation class! TALKorganizes activities to help you socialize and explore thecity. The classes were practical and such a great chance tohave friends from all over the world and get to knowdifferent cultures; herewith, I improved my conversationskills and enjoyed it a lot while my education.

Inci Igin

TALK School: BOSTON | Nationality: Turkey

TALK is the ideal place to learn English or improve it, it feels almost personalized, the teachers and managers are very understanding and care for their students. I always felt very comfortable and fulfilled my goal of improving my English to enter university. What is my best memory of my time at TALK? To create friendships not only with the classmates, but also with teachers.
Student Maryam Botero

Maryam Botero

School: Atlanta | Nationality: Colombian

I liked my teacher’s aura and patience. The topics were very interesting, and I had the chance toimprove my English. I am very satisfied to have been a student at TALK. This is the right school to learnand improve your English.Thank you TALK!

Lina Jebari, from Morocco

TALK Miami

TALK was a great experience. Besides always interesting classes, I had a chance to meet many great people from all over the world, learn about their culture.I have improved my English-Language skills a lot and without TALK English school I could never accomplish that in this short period of time. Thank you TALK and see you soon again, your Cinderella.

Mirjana Tunic, from Serbia

TALK Fort Lauderdale

I learn a lot on talk, teacher is amazing and friendly, staffs is friendly and respectful

Matheus Jo, from United States

TALK Miami

It was a wonderful experience!!!

Nero Cesar De Moraes, from Brazil

TALK Boston

It was amazing days of much learning and joy,thanks everyone!!!!

Antonio António Andrade Simao, from Brazil

TALK Boston

For the last 3 years, Talk was my second home and I met a new family. Thank you so much for everything!!!!

Isabela Ribeiro, from Brazil

TALK Aventura

its a very good school I have improve my English I meet wonderful people that I will never forget

Melissa Bourdeau, from Canada

TALK Aventura

Since I have been at Talk International my English definitely improved. I really enjoy the classes because the teachers have a lot of experience and the classes are very interesting. I also get to meet people from all over the world and I have learned a lot about different countries
english school in Aventura

Renato Goncalves, from Brazil

TALK Aventura

This should more socializing activities for building friendships, but other than that it was a very good program.

Marisol Calderon, from Ecuador

TALK Boston

I Made a lot a friends, I would like to came back!
learn English Fort Lauderdale

Thalita Fuly, from Brazil

TALK Fort Lauderdale

TALK Fort Lauderdale, October 21, 2016I arrived here, 3 weeks ago with one goal: improve my English during my vacation. I know is a difficult target because of the short period of time. But everything was so intense and with a lot of information every time that I think if I’m not fluent yet, my listen and my “r”pronunciation improve so much.I would like to thanks my teacher Karen, for the knowledge shared and my classmates for share with me a good time, their culture and experiences.A strong hug!Geovane Almeida

Geovane Almeida, from Brazil

TALK Fort Lauderdale

It was the best academic expirence that I had! The people en TALK are Wordenful and very friendly I recommend TALK, the teachers are excellent and their classes are funny! Thanks TALK

Zamir Moises, from Colombia

TALK Atlanta

The past 3 months with TALK mean a lot to me.  I will take many good memories with me.  We tried to do as much as we could do.  I really enjoyed the time and we had so much fun.  For example, visits to the beach, visits to clubs, trips to Orlando, Key West or the Bahamas, our weekly dinners, and playing funny games.  We laughed a lot together and we even cried together.  I’m also happy because I had an amazing time here.  I had so many super classmates and very good, funny and excellent teachers.  I felt very comfortable here.  I learned a lot from you and I am leaving with a good feeling.
learn english Fort Lauderdale

Stephanie Keel, from Switzerland

TALK Fort Lauderdale

Thanks to this experience my professional and personal horizons have grown.I’ve learned a lot of new things, learned new customs, met a lot of new people, and most importantly improved my English.
learn english Miami

Jose Osorio, , from Colombia

TALK Miami

I have studied English at Talk International Miami Language Center for 7 months.  When I started to learn, I could only count and I could understand very little.  I knew a few words.  Every day, I go to school with pleasure because at TALK, there are very intelligent and interesting teachers.  I always improve my language in a comfortable room with good technology.  Teachers use different teaching strategies with us; each lesson is different, and I am never bored.  Now, I can TALK with my friends, understand people from different linguistic backgrounds and write correctly.
learn english Miami

Dmitry Varavin, from Russia

TALK Miami

Coming to Talk International Miami Center has been an amazing experience for me.  The school is in the middle of the fast growing financial district of Miami, Brickell.  It’s easy reachable by the metro mover and by car.  The classrooms are spacious and have beautiful views of the Brickell skyline.  Each class is equipped with the most modern teaching tools.  The teachers are always well prepared and they make each day class exciting and challenging.  The best thing about TALK is that you are in class with people of all ages and people from many different countries.  It is a true melting pot and it teaches me about the world. I would highly recommend Talk International as it is a fantastic experience.

Emmanuel Verschueren, from Belgium

TALK Miami

Talk International is a great place to study.  It is an amazing school located in Brickell, surrounded by beautiful constructions and views, nice restaurants and good transportation (Metrorail, metro mover and trolley).  There are other schools around the area but the difference is that Talk offers an excellent school environment; the relationship between teachers and students is fantastic.  Our teachers really help us and most important, we improve.  Prices are accessible and we get high quality education, it is not easy to find both at the same time.  Our school also offers other language programs like Spanish, Italian, German, French and Portuguese.  My personal experience in this school has been wonderful, I’ve met beautiful people; today, I have friends from different countries and cultures.Come to Talk, have your own experience, you won’t regret it!
learn english Miami

Vanessa Dos Santos, from Venezuela

TALK Miami

I am so happy and thankful to be part of the TALK School of Languages great family. It’s a place where learning English is fun, easy, and comfortable thanks to its dynamic and people. Ricky, you are one of my favorites. Thank you for the support you give us day after day.
english course in Atlanta

Agna Barbera Gotopo, from Venezuela

TALK Atlanta

I truly love TALK! I’ve been studying here for a while and I would recommend this school to anybody. It’s not just an English school for me, it’s more like a family and it has been like this since I first started here. I’ve always felt welcomed and I still feel the same way. All the teacher are amazing, helpful, prepared, and professional. It’s a pleasure to come here every day and learn in such an inspiring and friendly environment. Every morning our Director and Student Coordinator and all the teachers welcome us with the most beautiful smiles and kind words. It’s a great experience being here, and I will always keep it like a treasure and never forget! Truly thank you to you all
english course in Atlanta

Gladis De Franceschi, from Italy

TALK Atlanta

My experience in TALK School has been amazing! I can see the changes and progress I’ve made. Now, I’m able to speak fluently with native English speakers. My grammar and vocabulary are so much richer and I feel much more comfortable when speaking in English. I’ve met a lot of nice people from so many different countries and cultures. The teachers and staff are very professional, prepared, and caring. We also have a lot of fun during the lessons and activities outside the school. I’m so happy I chose to attend TALK School and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their English.

Rosa Josefina Romero de Casseres, from Venezuela

TALK Atlanta

The trip was great and we were able to combine studies and tourism. Everything went well at TALK, the atmosphere, structure, location, the people, the staff: George, Patricia, Deborah, and Boston is a fantastic city
english course in Boston

Robson Roncaglio, from Brazil

TALK Boston

Here at TALK I am learning how to use this key that will open doors to a more successful path.Choosing to study in another country has been one of the best decisions I have made. I recommend TALK because I have not only learned new words and grammar, but I am also preparing to live in a more competitive world. Here I am learning and becoming more disciplined in my studies.
learn english Fort Lauderdale

Maritza Mantilla, from Colombia

TALK Fort Lauderdale

When I came to Belmont I knew this place is wonderful. San Francisco is so beautiful. I love the Golden Gate Bridge! My favorite experience is going to The De Young Museum. In fact, I didn’t like go to the museum before but since my teacher took me to visit the museum, I fell in love to go to different museums to enjoy the arts! And in TALK I find a lot friends ~and best friend!Choosing TALK in NDNU is the best choice in my life!
learn English in San Francisco

I-Ling Liu, from Taiwan

TALK San Francisco

I’m glad that I chose TALK International because could meet everybody in Boston. I like TALK because the distance between teachers and students is very close, like friends. I’ve been here for almost three months. I went to Cape Cod, the aquarium, Concord, the zoo, Providence, mini gold and Six Flags New England. These are my great memories. Thanks for everything!

Akihiro Tamada, from Japan

TALK Boston

The experience at TALK school of languages could not have been better for me. From the minute I arrived, I felt myself very comfortable and they made me feel as if I were at home. I am very grateful to the teachers and staff. Classes were very enjoyable. I strongly recommend this school if you are really looking for a good experience and want to learn better English. All you have to do is attend one class.
english course in Atlanta

Sener Sen, from Turkey

TALK Atlanta

This is an excellent school. The staff at Talk not only has a good teaching preparation also have good human beings. The teachers at the school are always determined to encourage the students

Ysabel Romero, from Venezuela

TALK Aventura

TALK Atlanta is a fantastic school of languages. TALK teachers are amazing and highly trained. When I arrived in the U.S.A, I can’t speak English very well, and two months later I’m able to speak and understand everybody. TALK staff is willing to help us with anything. If we need to go to some place, everyone can explain how you can arrive. I really recommend this school.
english course in Atlanta

Waleska Monteiro, from Brazil

TALK Atlanta

When I came to the school for the first time, I didn’t imagine how easy is to learn a new language. Obviously, because we have the best teachers, carefully prepared to teach by the easy way. I’m so happy to be part of this amazing school. Here isn’t just a school, is a great place to make new friends, know more about new cultures and the best part: Learn English having fun! I am so glad to be part of TALK school family! If you want to learn, have fun, and make new friends, join us! I just have to say: Thanks a lot TALK school!
english course in Atlanta

Ana Lara Rios, from Brazil

TALK Atlanta

I have been in Talk International School for 1 ½ years. I am really happy. Everybody is patient and respectful. Teachers are determined and successful for teaching. They are very experienced. I have looked other students and they feel very well about the school as well. Thank you for everything!!!
english school in aventura

Erdem Yigit, from Turkey

TALK Aventura

I think that Talk International is an excellent school for learning English.The teachers always help us to improve our knowledge.
english school in Aventura

Esperanza Martinez, from Spain

TALK Aventura

TALK School of Languages was fantastic. The kind staff and expert teachers made my preparation for the TOEFL such an enjoyable experience. I really recommend it if you are looking for schedule flexibility and personalized education
english course in Atlanta

Dr. Hector Hurtado, from Venezuela

TALK Atlanta

I could not imagine being in a better school than at TALK English Schools – Atlanta. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful, flexible, and helpful teacher like Ms. Massey. I am having so much fun here! Thank you all!

Dilhan Altug, from Turkey

TALK Atlanta

I had a good time learning English at TALK. TALK helped me prepare for my masters degree at Nova Southeastern University. Because of TALK, I finished my degree with good grades. I am glad that I studied with TALK. If you are looking for a place to improve your English, TALK is the place.

Andy Hot

TALK Alumni

Talk International was a valuable experience in my life. It helped me improve my speaking and writing skills in English. The classes were very personalized given that there were not too many students per group. Also, the Talk International course was very helpful in preparing me to apply for college (Regis College) and to get accepted. All and all, Talk International made me feel like I was part of a family by personally interacting with me and other students.

Michel Sayegh

TALK Alumni

Before I went to the U.S, my goals were: understand American live style, and make friends from everywhere as many as I could.I took a risk by going there alone! Home alone! Over all it was a magnificent experience . I went to many famous places in the world: Miami, Orlando, New York, and Washington D.C, you cannot imagine how much joy I had! tremendous trip in a homogenous country, as a result, I found myself in something I love much more which is making friendships from different countries, and diversity cultures. Therefore, Received that, not only because I have a sweet soul, but also I found out how much American are very friendly and helpful.
learn English Fort Lauderdale

Mohammed, from Egypt

TALK Fort Lauderdale

Studying in Talk San Francisco has been an interesting experience because you get to know many people of different countries. I also enjoyed a lot living in the Bay Area.

Santiago Vélez, from Colombia

TALK San Francisco

When I arrived to TALK San Francisco at NDNU everyone was very helpful. I liked to study English and I had a lot of American and International friends. I learned a lot about Campus life and American culture and also I had so many good experiences. I really enjoyed the time in TALK English Schools.
learn English in San Francisco

Eszter Ferenczi, from Hungary

TALK San Francisco

TALK Atlanta is one of the most fun and practical schools I have ever attended. TALK teachers are highly trained, comprehensive, and entertaining. TALK staff is willing to devote the time necessary to each individual student in order to make sure he/she has a clear understanding of the English language. I am personally very satisfied with this school!
english course in atlanta

Ernesto Coste Roman, from Dominican Republic

TALK Atlanta

Thank you TALK for helping me improve my English. Everyday my English improves a lot. Before I came to TALK I could not understand people who spoke to me in English. But now, after one month of studying English with my teachers, I can speak to strangers without embarrassment. My teachers are very helpful and I enjoy their classes every time. I am never bored. I am learning and having fun everyday.
english course in atlanta

Cansu Uzun, from Turkey

TALK Atlanta

I improved my English in great classes with very helpful teachers.I enjoy my life in beautiful Fort Lauderdale and I like living and studying at the university campus.

Joel Kemptes, from Switzerland

TALK Fort Lauderdale

I’ve enjoyed a lot my time in Talk San Francisco. It’s a place where besides improving your English, you can meet people from different places and participate in great activities planned by Talk’s staff. The Bay Area is beautiful and there are many places to visit during the weekends.
learn english in San Francisco

Natalia Zambrano, from Colombia

TALK San Francisco

I have been living in Atlanta for 5 months. I couldn’t speak English very well when I first came to America – even though I had been going to an English course for 18 months in my own country. Everybody surrounding me was talking Turkish so I couldn’t practice my English. Since I began my classes at TALK International, my English has improved a lot. I have learned a lot of vocabulary and grammar. Now I can express myself without being embarrassed of my language level! Thank you TALK International!

Elif Arda, from Turkey

TALK Atlanta

Studying at Talk School of Languages was an incredible experience that I’ll keep with me forever. Since my brother lives here, I decided to come in order to practice my English and have some new experiences in a new country. I didn’t come with many intentions like other students did, but after some time studying here I started changing plans, and opening my mind to new opportunities that would emerge. Once I decided to study and do my undergraduate in a university here, I had all the support necessary to clear doubts and to prepare myself for that. It goes without saying that the teachers played an important role in my achievements. All the staff, in general, helped me improve my English even when I was outside the classroom.

Lucas Pereira, from Brazil

TALK Fort Lauderdale

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