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Learn English in Atlanta, Georgia!

Atlanta is a major U.S. city with great natural beauty and history. This dynamic city is a center for commerce, finance, information technology, government, and higher education. It’s also the corporate headquarters to some of the world's most prominent companies including Coca-Cola, CNN, and Delta Airlines.


Why study English in Atlanta?

Our TALK Atlanta English school is located in the heart of Atlanta’s Midtown / Arts Center area on Peachtree Street. Midtown is the second largest financial district in Atlanta and home to many of Atlanta’s most lively restaurants, cafes, museums, and best known parks such as Piedmont Park. Atlanta is home to numerous industries, making our Midtown location perfectly suited for corporate programs.


School Information

Address:  1447 Peachtree St NE, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30309

The TALK Atlanta English school opened in 2011 in the landmark Silhouette building on Peachtree Street in the heart of Atlanta’s midtown area. The school is designed in the popular Atlanta loft style and has:


  • 10 large classrooms
  • Large and welcoming reception area
  • Dedicated full-time teachers and staff
  • Interactive technology
  • Ample covered and street parking available
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Accessible by public transportation – MARTA bus (bus stop in front of school) and subway (Arts Center Station blocks away)


  • Homestay


  • 10-minute walk from MARTA rail system (Arts Center station)
  • Bus stop located in front of school
  • Major airport: Atlanta International (ATL)

Living Expenses*

  • Travel
Rail and Bus Tickets
  • One-way $2.50
  • Day pass $9.00
  • Week pass $23.75
  • Month pass $95.00
  • Food
  • Lunch average $8 per person
  • Dinner average $20 per person
  • Museums & Attractions
  • Most museums/tours/attractions cost $10 - $45
  • Sporting Events
  • Tickets for sporting events range from $15 - $200 depending on sport and team
  • Weather

Average yearly temperatures


*Subject to change

**Depending on the number of zones traveled

The Area

What our students say about us

It was the best academic expirence that I had! The people en TALK are Wordenful and very friendly I recommend TALK, the teachers are excellent and their classes are funny! Thanks TALK

Zamir Moises, from Colombia

TALK Atlanta

I am so happy and thankful to be part of the TALK School of Languages great family. It’s a place where learning English is fun, easy, and comfortable thanks to its dynamic and people. Ricky, you are one of my favorites. Thank you for the support you give us day after day.
english course in Atlanta

Agna Barbera Gotopo, from Venezuela

TALK Atlanta

I truly love TALK! I’ve been studying here for a while and I would recommend this school to anybody. It’s not just an English school for me, it’s more like a family and it has been like this since I first started here. I’ve always felt welcomed and I still feel the same way. All the teacher are amazing, helpful, prepared, and professional. It’s a pleasure to come here every day and learn in such an inspiring and friendly environment. Every morning our Director and Student Coordinator and all the teachers welcome us with the most beautiful smiles and kind words. It’s a great experience being here, and I will always keep it like a treasure and never forget! Truly thank you to you all
english course in Atlanta

Gladis De Franceschi, from Italy

TALK Atlanta

My experience in TALK School has been amazing! I can see the changes and progress I’ve made. Now, I’m able to speak fluently with native English speakers. My grammar and vocabulary are so much richer and I feel much more comfortable when speaking in English. I’ve met a lot of nice people from so many different countries and cultures. The teachers and staff are very professional, prepared, and caring. We also have a lot of fun during the lessons and activities outside the school. I’m so happy I chose to attend TALK School and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their English.

Rosa Josefina Romero de Casseres, from Venezuela

TALK Atlanta

The experience at TALK school of languages could not have been better for me. From the minute I arrived, I felt myself very comfortable and they made me feel as if I were at home. I am very grateful to the teachers and staff. Classes were very enjoyable. I strongly recommend this school if you are really looking for a good experience and want to learn better English. All you have to do is attend one class.
english course in Atlanta

Sener Sen, from Turkey

TALK Atlanta

TALK Atlanta is a fantastic school of languages. TALK teachers are amazing and highly trained. When I arrived in the U.S.A, I can’t speak English very well, and two months later I’m able to speak and understand everybody. TALK staff is willing to help us with anything. If we need to go to some place, everyone can explain how you can arrive. I really recommend this school.
english course in Atlanta

Waleska Monteiro, from Brazil

TALK Atlanta

When I came to the school for the first time, I didn’t imagine how easy is to learn a new language. Obviously, because we have the best teachers, carefully prepared to teach by the easy way. I’m so happy to be part of this amazing school. Here isn’t just a school, is a great place to make new friends, know more about new cultures and the best part: Learn English having fun! I am so glad to be part of TALK school family! If you want to learn, have fun, and make new friends, join us! I just have to say: Thanks a lot TALK school!
english course in Atlanta

Ana Lara Rios, from Brazil

TALK Atlanta

TALK School of Languages was fantastic. The kind staff and expert teachers made my preparation for the TOEFL such an enjoyable experience. I really recommend it if you are looking for schedule flexibility and personalized education
english course in Atlanta

Dr. Hector Hurtado, from Venezuela

TALK Atlanta

I could not imagine being in a better school than at TALK English Schools – Atlanta. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful, flexible, and helpful teacher like Ms. Massey. I am having so much fun here! Thank you all!

Dilhan Altug, from Turkey

TALK Atlanta

TALK Atlanta is one of the most fun and practical schools I have ever attended. TALK teachers are highly trained, comprehensive, and entertaining. TALK staff is willing to devote the time necessary to each individual student in order to make sure he/she has a clear understanding of the English language. I am personally very satisfied with this school!
english course in atlanta

Ernesto Coste Roman, from Dominican Republic

TALK Atlanta

Thank you TALK for helping me improve my English. Everyday my English improves a lot. Before I came to TALK I could not understand people who spoke to me in English. But now, after one month of studying English with my teachers, I can speak to strangers without embarrassment. My teachers are very helpful and I enjoy their classes every time. I am never bored. I am learning and having fun everyday.
english course in atlanta

Cansu Uzun, from Turkey

TALK Atlanta

I have been living in Atlanta for 5 months. I couldn’t speak English very well when I first came to America – even though I had been going to an English course for 18 months in my own country. Everybody surrounding me was talking Turkish so I couldn’t practice my English. Since I began my classes at TALK International, my English has improved a lot. I have learned a lot of vocabulary and grammar. Now I can express myself without being embarrassed of my language level! Thank you TALK International!

Elif Arda, from Turkey

TALK Atlanta

Study English in Atlanta

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Accreditations & Associations

TALK Schools are accredited by the United States Department of Homeland Security and ACCET and are member of TESOL, NAFSA, IELTS and ATD.

TALK Schools is a part of the TALK Education Group, together with UnistudyUSA, TALK IELTS Center, TALK Kids, Real World Translations and Brentwood.

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This course is designed for students to develop a general knowledge of literature, art, music, and the performing arts. The course covers periods from classical to contemporary in the fields of poetry, prose, philosophy, art, architecture, music, dance, theater, and film. Students will develop a framework to comprehend, analyze and interpret various works of art.