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Göçmen olmayan Vize nedir?

Yabancılar, göçmen olmayan vize ile ABD’ye geçici bir süre için gelebilirler. ABD’ye geliş sebebiniz ne tür bir vize alacağınızı belirler. Şayet ABD’ye tam zamanlı bir eğitim için geliyorsanız, o zaman F-1 öğrenci vizesi almanız gerekir. Daha fazla bilgi için lütfen ABD Dış İşleri Bakanlığı (US Department of State) web sitesini ziyaret ediniz.

Obtaining a F-1 visa

This visa allows a foreign citizen to study full-time in the USA for a temporary period.
  • Step #01: Apply to TALK Schools. We will issue you a form I-20. Use the form I-20 to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee online at
  • Step #02: Visit the US embassy or consulate in your home country to attend the interview for your F-1 visa.

Your visa is issued once the US Consular Section has previewed your application, the US Consular Official has interviewed you and it is determined that you qualify for an F-1 visa. Check the latest information at your US embassy or consulate at

This will vary by country. Make an appointment at your US embassy or consulate immediately after you receive your form I-20. To check appointment wait times, click here.

The US State Department is responsible for the visa application process and issuing the student visa. Your experience with the US State Department and Consular Services will go more smoothly if you can show that you fully intend to return to your home country upon concluding your study period in the USA. The NAFSA website offers excellent advice on how to approach your interview with the US Consulate Authority – click here to check.

Refer to our blog about this stage of the visa Application Process here.

Obtaining an I-20 form

The I-20 is proof of acceptance to your English language school in the USA. It lists your program start and end dates. With the I-20, you can apply for the F-1 student visa. Only full-time students receive an I-20. You must have a valid I-20, at all times, while studying in the USA.
The length of time is determined by the course in which you enroll.

TALK Schools will send the I-20 to your international address. A shipping fee is usually collected.

Yes, you may change your start date before entering the USA. It’s important to tell TALK Schools so we can update your I-20. After you enter the USA, you cannot postpone the start of classes.

Any time! At TALK Schools, every Monday is a start date. Your application and I-20 can be processed within 3-4 business days.

  1. Completed application form for the TALK School at which you intend to study.
  2. Copy of student’s passport biographic page. If you are traveling with dependents (spouse or children), include their passport copies.
  3. Copy of student’s current US visa and port of entry stamp (if any).
  4. Evidence of sufficient financial funds to study in the USA. For TALK Schools, a minimum of $300 USD per study week must be shown in a bank letter or statement dated within the last 3 months. If there are dependents, $100 USD per person / per week must be added. The letter or statement must clearly state the currency used and the name of the account owner. If financial support documents belong to someone other than the student, a sponsor letter is required.

Already in the USA?

If you are already in the USA with a different type of visa, check the chart below to determine if you can study.*
F-1Full-time study requiredNo
B-1/B-2 & Already in the U.SNoYes
J-1NoWith permission of A/RO
L-1With permission of employerWith permission of employer
H-1BWith permission of employerWith permission of employer
U.S Permanent ResudentYesYes
U.S CitizenYesYes
Visa Waiver ProgramNoYes

If you would like to study full time but your current visa does not permit it, you will need to change your visa status. Click here to contact TALK Schools and learn more here.


*Visa rules and regulations are subject to change without notice. Students should consult with an adviser for the most current information.

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