TALK English School in major cities in the USA

Take your English to the next level with Classes at TALK International English School

Ride a trolley in San Francisco, walk the Freedom Trail in Boston, soak up the sun in Fort Lauderdale…or try all three like some of our current students.

Enroll at our English schools in Atlanta, Aventura, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Miami Beach, or San Francisco and improve your English with our dedicated teachers and interactive classroom technology. Our English schools cater for all ages and all levels of English proficiency and we offer you many options and opportunities to improve your English writing and conversational skills. Practice and perfect your English not only while studying at one of our English Schools, but also outside the classroom with our wide range of exciting afternoon and weekend activities.

See new sights, enjoy a new culture and make new friends at TALK.

TALK Boston

The Academic Capital of the USA

Learn and grow in this historic and beautiful city of the USA

TALK Miami Beach

Pink sunsets. Turquoise waters. A tropical paradise.

Minutes away from the Miami Beach

TALK Atlanta

Explore the natural beauty an History

Located in the heart of Atlanta’s Midtown 

TALK Aventura

Visit Florida’s city of excellence

Perfect your English in this exciting city

TALK Miami

The City of Culture

Experience studying in the heart of Miami

TALK San Francisco

The City by the Bay

Experience studying on an American college campus

TALK Fort Lauderdale

The Venice of America

Perfect your English while exploring sunny South Florida