Family Package

Enjoy family vacation while improving your English skills!

The TALK Family Package is designed for families who love an adventure, appreciate the value of education and want to get the most out of their vacation. It is for families of all sizes and includes tuition, accommodations and activities (priced separately).

Parents and children attend English classes in the mornings (same school different course), with touring and sightseeing together in the afternoons and on weekends.

Adults attend the General English part-time course, while children attend an English course provided by TALKkids, Inc. a TALK subsidiary company. The children’s course is based on weekly learning themes supplemented with activities and is designed to be interesting and fun for younger learners.

Accommodations may include Homestay, Student Residence & Family Residence, depending on location and preference.

Activity selections include sports in the park, guided walks and visits to local attractions, workshops such as cooking, ceramics, STEM, etc., museums and exploring the city.

The Family Package is offered during the winter (December - February) and summer (June – August) months and each offering is unique.

Learn more about the Family Package in each location:

Winter 2021

No courses available yet

Summer 2021

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Bạn cần trợ giúp?

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