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Tại Sao Nên Học Tập tại Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale đón chào bạn đến với các bãi biển xinh, những hàng cây cọ và là vùng đất quanh năm ánh nắng tràn ngập. Một điểm đến phổ biến cho các sinh viên đại học Mỹ, thành phố này mang đến hàng trăm nhà hàng quán ăn, nhiều cái trong số đó được đặt nằm trong các khu vực hết sức thu hút trong lĩnh vực Mỹ Thuật và Giải Trí.

TALK Fort Lauderdale

TALK Fort Lauderdale cung cấp một trải nghiệm hòa nhập hoàn toàn với sự xuất sắc về học thuật kèm theo thiết bị công nghệ tương tác đa phương tiện và đội ngũ giáo viên tận tâm yêu nghề. Thời khóa biểu học tập hàng tháng của chúng tôi cung cấp một loạt các hoạt động thú vị mang đến cho các sinh viên nhiều cơ hội để rèn luyện thêm tiếng Anh với những người bạn mới của mình!

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TALK Fort Lauderdale

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Sinh Viên Của Chúng Tôi Nói Về TALK

  • I improved my English in great classes with very helpful teachers. I enjoy my life in beautiful Fort Lauderdale and I like living and studying at the university campus.

    Joel Kemptes
    Joel Kemptes Fort Lauderdale, from Switzerland
  • Before I went to the U.S, my goals were: understand American live style, and make friends from everywhere as many as I could. I took a risk by going there alone! Home alone! Over all it was a magnificent experience . I went to many famous places in the world: Miami, Orlando, New York, and Washington D.C, you cannot imagine how much joy I had! tremendous trip in a homogenous country, as a result, I found myself in something I love much more which is making friendships from different countries, and diversity cultures. Therefore, Received that, not only because I have a sweet soul, but also I found out how much American are very friendly and helpful.

    Mohammed Fort Lauderdale, from Egypt
  • The past 3 months with TALK mean a lot to me.  I will take many good memories with me.  We tried to do as much as we could do.  I really enjoyed the time and we had so much fun.  For example, visits to the beach, visits to clubs, trips to Orlando, Key West or the Bahamas, our weekly dinners, and playing funny games.  We laughed a lot together and we even cried together.  I’m also happy because I had an amazing time here.  I had so many super classmates and very good, funny and excellent teachers.  I felt very comfortable here.  I learned a lot from you and I am leaving with a good feeling.

    Stephanie Keel
    Stephanie Keel In Fort Lauderdale, from Switzerland
  • I Made a lot a friends, I would like to came back!

    Thalita Fuly In Fort Lauderdale, from Brazil
  • Studying at Talk School of Languages was an incredible experience that I'll keep with me forever.  Since my brother lives here, I decided to come in order to practice my English and have some new experiences in a new country. I didn't come with many intentions like other students did, but after some time studying here I started changing plans, and opening my mind to new opportunities that would emerge. Once I decided to study and do my undergraduate in a university here, I had all the support necessary to clear doubts and to prepare myself for that.  It goes without saying that the teachers played an important role in my achievements.  All the staff, in general, helped me improve my English even when I was outside the classroom.

    Lucas Pereira In Fort Lauderdale, from Brazil
  • Here at TALK I am learning how to use this key that will open doors to a more successful path. Choosing to study in another country has been one of the best decisions I have made.   I recommend TALK because I have not only learned new words and grammar, but I am also preparing to live in a more competitive world.  Here I am learning and becoming more disciplined in my studies.

    Maritza Mantilla In Fort Lauderdale, from Colombia
  • TALK was a great experience. Besides always interesting classes, I had a chance to meet many great people from all over the world, learn about their culture. I have improved my English-Language skills a lot and without TALK English school I could never accomplish that in this short period of time. Thank you TALK and see you soon again, your Cinderella.

    Mirjana Tunic
    Mirjana Tunic In Fort Lauderdale, from Serbia


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